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Dear Internet,

I have a favor to ask all Bros. V and NC Spirits fans in North Carolina. Tell your representatives to support NC House Bill 842, which will legalize direct-to-consumer sales at Distilleries.

This is the single biggest opportunity in front of Brothers Vilgalys right now. Not only does this create a new sales channel here in the Bull City, but it would let us use our own retail space as a “laboratory” for new products. Imagine Bros. V with ten other products just as good — no wait, let’s be realistic — almost as good as Krupnikas. That could happen with a bit of your help.

NC House Bill 842 will be coming up for a vote soon. You can help make sure it passes by emailing and especially by calling your representatives to show them you care about this. Some local ABCs are really freaked out by this idea, and while they are in the minority, these are politically connected people (political connections being how you get put on an ABC Board).

Find who your representatives are at this link.

Below is a sample email you can use.



As one of your constituents, I’m asking you to support NC House Bill 842, a bill that allows NC Distilleries to sell their own products to visitors of their facility. This is a bill with tremendous implications to the success of a new industry within the state, and would have many beneficial consequences.

  • The bill would directly add jobs at over 14 currently-operational and dozens more start-up distilleries around the state.
  • Distilleries in turn benefit NC Agriculture, buying from local farms, apiaries, and businesses.
  • This bill would increase state and local revenues from bottle taxes at these distilleries.
  • This bill has bipartisan support from members of both houses, as well as support from the NC Secretary of Agriculture, NC Secretary of Commerce, Department of Tourism, and NC Restaurant & Lodging Association.
  • Because only a distillery’s own products can be sold, the ABC system is not threatened by this. ABC Commissioner Gardner has decided not to oppose the bill.
  • North Carolina is one of only 5 control states in the country that does not allow distilleries to sell their own products.

Thank you for considering this matter. I encourage you to support this bill that is in the best interests of all North Carolinians. 




The next thing is to spread the word. We’ll have stuff (links to this blog post & other things) posted on our Facebook and Twitter. Share those with people who like Krupnikas and who care about this stuff.

Thank you too all our customers!

And below is a sneak-preview of a building that might be the next Bros V. HQ if this passes!

-Rim Vilgalys

Bros. V. Executive Janitor, Senior Taste-Tester, and Assitant to the Air Guitarist

If HB-842 passes, we might end up here!

If HB-842 passes, we might end up here!