August Update! Big News & Big Goals


Holy Moley. It’s officially the 8th month of the year, and approximately 18.8 million seconds since we sold the first case of Krupnikas.

Here’s some great news: Krupnikas will soon be available in Chicago! For anyone who doesn’t know, Chicago has the second-largest density of Lithuanians in the world (after umm… Lithuania), so it’s been on the radar for a while now. But thanks to our partners at Food Depot International, it’s going to happen!

More news: we’ve set an audacious goal for ourselves here at Bros V HQ. We’re on a mission to distribute 150 cases in the month of August. 900 bottles. 30 bottles per day.

How we’re going to get there:

  • With your help (are you running low on Krupnikas?)
  • By distributing online to DC, PA, Chicago, etc. (have you spread the word about our online distributor, Federal Spirits to your friends and family?)
  • By selling into bars and restaurants in North Carolina (have a suggestion for a bar or restaurant?)
  • Tasting events – pushing the brand (have an event you’re organizing or attending where a tasting would be a great idea?)
  • Constantly making up researching new ideas for summery cocktails, so you can enjoy Krupnikas year-round. Like, Krupnikas and Lemonade! Or Krupnikas and Sweet Tea! Or dropped in a beer bomb of Bells Oberon! (or your own favorites, which you should totally share with us!)
  • Your ideas here (seriously, do you have an idea?)

We’ll be updating The Facebook and The Chirpy Chirp Bird Site regularly with the status of our goal.

Brothers Vilgalys partner Jason H. Parker (your bottles probably say “Scruff”) is helping the company out by running a promotion on Facebook. Free SWAG at stake.

And, hey, if you need something to *SHOW*, check out this documentary made by Meredith McCarroll and Grace Mendenhall, students at the Duke CDS’s 2013 Weeklong Documentary Video Institute.

(The Brother Vilgalys from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo.)