Brothers Vilgalys Spirits started in 2012 to bring Krupnikas, a traditional Lithuanian style of Spiced Honey Liqueur, to the American market. Our Krupnikas has a delicious and complex flavor unlike any other spirit or liqueur. It is smooth enough to sip on its own, starting out with sweet honey flavors that build to a warm spicy finish.

Our recipe started on our stovetop at home as a special drink we made for friends and family. We still make it the same way, using only whole spices, North Carolina wildflower honey, and pure grain neutral alcohol.

Krupnikas is an 80-proof liqueur that’s remarkably appealing to all types of adult drinkers. It can be sipped and savored, taken on the rocks or neat, or mixed in many different types of cocktails.

In 2015, we released four new liqueurs called Zaphod, Beebop, Beatnik, and Jabberwock. All four at 60 proof, sweetened with raw cane sugar, and flavored with whole botanicals, herbs, and spices.

Everything happens out of a 1,300 square foot location in downtown Durham, NC. Tours & tastings are $5 and require booking ahead of time. We offer them on Thursday & Friday evenings and on Saturday afternoons. We are also allowed to retail a limited amount of bottles (limit 1 per customer per year, yes really).

Our Krupnikas can be found all over North Carolina in NC ABC stores. It is also distributed in Virginia, South Carolina, Chicago, Georgia, Massachussets, Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC. You can also find an online store directory at this link:

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  • Winter Cranberry Krupnikas!

    Time to get you some hype!


    It's as good as you think it is.

    (It’s as good as you think it is.)

    We have a new and very-limited release coming out — Winter Cranberry Krupnikas. The 2016 Batch will be ~800 bottles and after that, they’re gone!

    We’re making the first batch now. The actual bottles should debut at our Triangle Ultimate Frisbee Fundraiser next weekend (which you should totally go to!).

    We’ll have more info like what ABC Stores are carrying it, etc in the near future as it gets stocked up. To get the latest when that happens, join our email list thing here (if you are worried you’ll get a lot of spam from this, rest assured that only delicious Brothers Vilgalys branded Spam will be sent):

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