You can come and tour the Brothers Vilgalys Not-So-Secret Hideout! See the amazing concrete box of Krupnikas production! Taste the delicious product with your own taste buds!

We offer tours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturday afternoons, subject to availability in our own schedule and the general chaos of running a small business.

Living Social Customers: I will still honor the Living Social Vouchers after the “expiration.” Come on by and bring your friends!

Rules and Stuff:

  • Only those over the legal drinking age of 21 can take a tour and a tasting. You probably saw that coming. You will need ID. WE CARD EVERYONE EVEN YOUR GRANDMA.
  • I can serve one (1) sample of .5 oz of Krupnikas per person. I do not run a bar, but I am happy to tell you where some great ones are.
  • I cannot (and will not) sell you any liquor. You will have to go to the ABC Store to get that.
  • I will not serve samples to anyone who appears to be already boozed up or otherwise incapacitated, and I can refuse to serve samples to anyone for any reason I want.

Where? 803 D Ramseur St Durham, NC 27701.

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Yea, but how much? FREE. Tours are always free. If you’ve simply got to spend some money, we have merchandise for sale.

Where’s your still, buddy? They said this was a distillery! Yea, I know. That word gets tossed around a lot, because while I don’t make the spirit base here, I am licensed as a distillery.  The simplest way to say this is professional distillation equipment costs lots and lots of money, and the stuff I need, high proof neutral spirits, is readily available from lots of suppliers. I do intend to move towards distilling all our own booze in the future.

You are stopped by THE BOUNCER

We make booze! To look at our site, you must be old enough to drink in the country in which you live. In the US that is 21.