One Month of Sales, Superbowl Cocktails, Ramblings


[This post was going to have pretty pictures, but I have the flu so now it doesn’t. I might ninja-edit some photos in later.]

Well, the ball is rolling. We just closed out our first full month of sales! 118 cases of Krupnikas sold in January, which is a fantastic start. It’s almost too good of a start, as we’re now effectively out of money. ABC pays on Net 30, so we’re kind of just waiting for the checks to arrive so we can start making more Krupnikas! And also um… pay our bills. That’d be good.

As start-ups go, however, these are known as “Good problems to have.” And while I’m not the type to rest once we’ve had a taste of success, this is a good weekend for some celebration. The Super Bowl is here! Woohoo!

For those who don’t know me personally, I am about the most ill-suited body type for football possible. I’m 5’10 and just over 135 pounds. Ultimate frisbee is actually my favorite sport, and one that I’ve played semi-competitively for about 14 years. And being a Lithuanian raised here in the land of college hoops, basketball is certainly my second love. But in any case, I am nearly always entertained by football. Especially terrible football and players who make weird mistakes. Like when the quarterback runs into his own guy and fumbles the ball. Not to name names or anything like that.

Well, it’s the weekend of the big game! And whether you’re one of those normal people who watches for the commercials, or one of those weirdos who’s only watching for the football, we have a few Krupnikas and Football cocktails to suggest for the occasion.

All right, one caveat: I fully understand that football is a beer-drinking game. At that, Krupnikas is great as a shooter or a sipping liqueur on its own. But even if you don’t mix cocktails and football, these are great to try well, whenever you want to. Depending on the occasion, we’ve got a couple different suggestions. Like all our other drink suggestions, we try to keep things simple.

The Shooter: Hazel Honey Bear

Mix equal parts Krupnikas and Frangelico in a shaker with ice. Shake to chill, and pour into shot glasses.

The Blender: Lithuanian Mudslides 

Mix 3 oz Krupnikas, 3 oz Kahlua, and 3 oz Baileys in a blender, add enough ice to fill. Blend. Coat (the inside, duh) of four glasses with chocolate syrup and split the delicious blended stuff between them.

The Dessert: Scottish Spiced Snowballs

Mix equal parts scotch and Krupnikas in a serving bowl or glass and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. For the bold and adventurous, add fresh ground black pepper and / or cayenne.