Brothers Vilgalys Spirits was started in 2012 to bring Krupnikas, a traditional Lithuanian style of Spice Honey Liqueur, to the American market. Our Krupnikas has a delicious and complex flavor unlike any other spirit or liqueur. It is smooth enough to sip on its own, starting out with sweet honey flavors that build to a warm spicy finish.

Our recipe started on our stovetop at home as a special drink we made for friends and family. We still make it the same way, using only whole spices, North Carolina wildflower honey, and pure grain neutral alcohol.

Krupnikas is an 80-proof liqueur that’s remarkably appealing to all types of adult drinkers. It can be sipped and savored, taken on the rocks or neat, or mixed in many different types of cocktails.

In 2015, we released four new liqueurs called Zaphod, Beebop, Beatnik, and Jabberwock. All four at 60 proof, sweetened with raw cane sugar, and flavored with whole botanicals, herbs, and spices.

Everything happens out of a 1,300 square foot location in downtown Durham, NC. We’re open weekly for tours, which include complementary tastings. Starting October 1st 2015, we will be allowed to retail bottles (limit 1 per customer per year) to those taking a tour.

Our Krupnikas can be found all over North Carolina in NC ABC stores. It is also distributed in Virginia, South Carolina, Chicago, Georgia, Massachussets, Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC and can be ordered online through Ezra’s in ChicagoSchneider’s of Capital Hill and the Pennsylvania Online Specialty Store.

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  • Kickstarter Update & October 1st Bottle Sales!

    Hello Intertron!

    Rim here with lots of exclamation points: !!!!!

    Here’s why: Starting October 1st, we’ll be allowed to sell our own product to visitors who come for a tour. This has been a long time coming, as you can plainly see if you look back through the rest of this blog.

    To that end we are taking over the next-door space and will be turning it into a tasting room. And for that, we’ve got a Kickstarter Campaign running. Right now we’re over 63% of the way there, with 8 days left. The whole thing ends on October 3rd so…

    PROCRASTINATORS UNITE TOMORROW PARTY on October 2nd! Come on by for a happy hour / open house style tour from 4-7pm on Friday. We’ll have our bottling line up and running so you can even fill up and name your bottle, as well as being one of the first to ever purchase a bottle of our products directly! This will be a private event, so please register ahead of time at the Eventbrite link.

    We’re also expanding the hours of our Tours to run from 4-7pm Wednesday – Friday and 2-5 pm Saturdays, so if you cannot make it to our party, you can certainly schedule a tour to come by and visit.

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